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ILS Specialist | Engage Technical Solutions

Engage Technical Solutions remains fully operational and continues to support you during these testing times. We are committed to maintaining the best level of service possible, guided by the WHO, the Government and our clients.

The Problem

The Ministry of Defence operates a large fleet of Protected Plant, C-vehicle (engineering plant vehicles) Private Finance Initiative and Mechanical Handling Equipment which requires effective management. Babcock are bidding for the Through-Life Support Partner contract for these vehicle fleets. In order to provide an effective solution to the Ministry of Defence, and bolster confidence in Babcock’s ability to deliver the required availability the Babcock engineering and bid teams required Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) specialists to help shape the support elements of their service offering.

The Solution

Engage deployed a team of up to five ILS practitioners to provide support and guidance to the Babcock engineering and bid teams, and to help shape the Babcock ILS strategy. The team authored and then integrated a full suite of ILS plans into the Babcock tender documentation.

The Outcome

Engage delivered the initial ILS element plans for the first submission, and iteratively redrafted them throughout the bid process to ensure they incorporated the latest engineering data and support concepts. The initial Babcock submission was successful, and Babcock were down-selected.  The process for selecting the preferred bidder is on-going and is expected to be announced in the second half of 2019.

What it means to you

Engage can work seamlessly with your team to provide expertise, advice and guidance, including Integrated Logistic Support, or we can produce your ILS deliverables that align to and inform your engineering solution.